Friday, May 29, 2009


For the show 'Into the Darkness' hosted by 1AM Gallery in San Francisco I decided to make a little Anubis. This is the last gallery show I will be participating in until after the wedding but I still have some other projects on my plate. I was able to complete Anubis in 5 days, which is a record for me.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Stitch the Lion *update*

I just found out that 'Stitch the Lion' won another contest! His first was the 'Most Fabulous' award at Switcherooni's 'Easter Munny Show' and now its first place in Delicious Drips contest
I'm glad he has been so well received and i hope to do more like him in the furture :)

American Dad and Family Guy - Jump Drives

After submitting a sculpty jump drive of the American Dad character Klaus to one of our office art shows, I was commissioned by the casting director to make the rest of the family. After that she wanted some Family Guy chatacters as well. These jump drives are 4GB and some were given to the cast as christmas gifts. These pictures are just horrible, but since they are so small and glossy it was hard to take a good picture :(   All are made with colored sculpty and NOT painted.

Masks - Tropical Fishy

My friend Kelli wanted to go to the Masquerade ball in 2008, so I told her I would make the mask if she made the costume. She had a particular tropical fish in mind for her costume, so I used those colors and went from there. I didn't like working with fabric as well as leather, but overall I think it worked out.

Masks - Angler Fish

I decided that I wanted to be scary for the 2008 Masquerade ball, so my costume was an Angler fish.  Wire frame covered in leather with a light up angler.

Masks - The Deer Spirit

I finished this mask in June of 2007 for the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball in Los Angeles. Marchelo wore the 'Deer Spirit' costume and brought the character to life. the mask is made of a wire frame, then stitched buckskin, rabbit pelt, feathers, beads, and antlers.