Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mog the Mega Munny Moogle

Almost a year ago I left the show American Dad, where I had worked for four years, to join up with Futurama. The crew of AD is so amazing and they gave me a mega munny as a good bye present. I knew I wanted to turn that gift into something I wanted for myself, so I decided a life sized moogle is what I needed in the house :) I got him done in time for comic con and brought him along for the ride.

Tiki Mask

Every summer my friends and I make costumes and attend theLabyrinth of JarethMasquerade Ball in Los Angeles. In the past I have made a deer spirit, dragon, and a couple fish. Last year I had the idea of doing a light up tiki mask but the wedding plans kept me from having the time. This year I started in April and was able to finish it with no problems! My goals were to make it lighter than previous masks, better visibility by having it flip up, and to use glow wire in a thoughtful way (it can look super chintzy if done wrong). My friend Kelli also did a tiki mask and we had a great time at the ball :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brain Slugs

Wednesday was the last table read of season six for Futurama. We had many treats to celebrate and my favorite was the Brain Slug cupcakes. Not only were they adorable but also amazingly delicious! They were so cute people wanted to keep them, so I decided to whip some up not made of food :)