Wednesday, May 26, 2010


For my birthday I decided to go to Paint, Wine & Cheese at Paint Lab in Santa Monica. I wanted to do a painting to hang in the office that also wouldn't take to long to do, so I decided on Hypnotoad which is one of my favorite Futurama Characters. Also, I did another custom set of Universe A Futurama figs. I do not own the rights to Futurama or Hypnotoad, those belong to the amazing Matt Groening and Fox Studios.

Beware the Blue Shells

I saw a JLED Gamerita going for really cheap on ebay so I decided to pick it up. I thought making it look like a Koopa from Mario brothers would be fun (specifically the blue shells from mario kart) and of course I wanted to do it in stitched leather. To be honest, this piece took a long time and I think I will be taking a break from stitch leather toys and maybe focus more on painting. I like how the leather looks but it takes a super long time and the response to it is mixed. Right now I am focusing on my labyrinth costume and I'll post some wip of that later.