Friday, September 24, 2010

Hathor - God of Fertility

Here is my Jouwe for theTAG show on October 2nd. I was really excited to work on this piece because it has a lot of natural character and less 'blank' then other platforms. I wanted to change the piece a bit but still maintain the look, so I decided to follow the Egyptian theme and celebrate Hathor the Ox got of fertility.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

7" Mog

After completing my mega moogle I did a 7" one for Amy Greenwood aka Vinyl Goddess She did an amazing write up and critique of the piecehere I love that she actually critiques and analysis vinyl art instead of just blanket affirmations of approval. I would love to see her tackle even more pieces! Head on over and give it a read!
I made a few forms for future Mogs, this time flocking their noses which I think added a little something. Once I finish my jouwe I would like to make a black Nega Moogle! Then I will take a break from moogles, I swear (maybe not)
In other news, I hope to overhaul the website soon, maybe within a week or so, so all future blog posts will be there. Heres hoping!